Heart-Shaped Kitchen 101

Deciding to start this blog was easy. Picking a name for it was the hard part. Though it had a few different names at various points, in the end Heart-Shaped Kitchen made the most sense. Food is my expression. Cooking dinner for those I love instills deep satisfaction. Cookies are my way of saying “thank you” or “you’re neat-o!” In my home, the kitchen is at its centre.

Like any lover of food will tell you, food has been a huge part of my life since I could first appreciate it. Probably even before that too. Whether slicing and dicing or whisking and mixing, I’ve felt comfortable in the kitchen in every capacity (except for the dreaded job of hand-washing dishes). Some love to cook, some love to bake; very few can hold their own in both arenas.


Now, before you go accusing me of being too confident in my skill set, trust me when I say that for every time I try, I fail and succeed in equal measure. Some meals surprise me with how stellar they turn out while other attempts end up dumped unceremoniously in the garbage can. Don’t ask me about the one and only time I attempted reindeer cake pops.

I don’t know everything there is to know about how things work in the kitchen. I’ve never taken any courses in gastronomy or worked in a patisserie. For the most part, everything I do in my kitchen is experimental. The purpose of this blog is to share with you both my triumphs and my sorry-try-agains.


What’s in it for you? That’s up to you to figure out. This blog is my culinary catharsis. At various times, Heart-Shaped Kitchen will feature tips, photos, recipes, reviews, tutorials, tricks I’ve learned along the way and probably a few tears. The enticing items you’ll see will range from baked goods, vegan offerings, gluten-free options, both vegetarian and meaty entrees and awesome ways to adapt recipes. If I create something myself, I’ll fill you in on the secret. If I find the recipe on Pinterest (which happens often), I’ll point you in the right direction. If a recipe comes from a cookbook, I’ll tell you where to buy it.

Feel free to explore the site, read my short-and-sweet bio and find new ways to connect or stay in the loop. If you have a pressing question or are looking for a little advice, visit the FAQ page and ask away. Thanks for giving me a blog post worth of your time. Hopefully I’ll see you all back here again!



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